First Impressions Count!


I have been told on many occasions by people discussing the sale of their property that when they were buying it, they had made up their mind before they even got through the front door!

That first impression is vital. Quite often the negatives are seen before the positives. Therefore:

Check outside.

Stand 50 yards from the property and see what the buyer sees for the first time – have neighbours recently redecorated perhaps making yours appear a little tired? If so, get the paintbrush out for the front elevation at the very least. Keep walking closer, trying to see the house for the very first time.

Make sure the garden is tidy and any missing or slipped tiles are addressed before photographs are taken as these will be warning signs to a potential buyer.

Make sure the garden gate works easily. If there is parking, ensure it is not full and that viewers can drive in and out easily. Keep windows clean and trim back any foliage around them to allow as much light in as possible.

At the front door, make sure cobwebs are removed, the doorbell works and the door looks clean and opens easily. The entrance hall is the all-important first impression so make sure it looks its best. Then think carefully as to which order the rooms are to be shown so that the most attractive feature is the last memory they have about the property. Ask a trusted friend to carry out a ‘viewing’ and give you a frank assessment of how it looks and smells (especially if you have pets).

Make sure the first and last things that viewers see are positive.

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