EPCs – Do they make a difference?

EPCs were introduced domestically in 2008 as part of an EU directive on energy performance for buildings and take the format of a coloured graph – more familiar to us on the side of a fridge or oven and have no doubt been a factor on which electrical appliance we buy!

In the last few years the importance of an EPC rating on a property has been largely irrelevant as buyers were more interested in the look of a property and how it fits into the vision of their dream home. Whilst recent economic events have made the EPC rating and overall efficiency of a property of much more interest to buyers, it’s perhaps not as much as you would expect so no need to panic. However, if the property purchased is to be let out then currently a property must be a band E or above but this is scheduled to change to band C from 31st December 2025.

The challenge, therefore, is to ensure your property has had all the easy “tweaks” that make the biggest difference in an EPC rating before you go to the market. These include low energy light bulbs, adequate loft insulation, cavity walls (ideally insulated) and modern boilers. To take it further, mains gas is preferable to oil, bulk gas tanks as opposed to the much maligned individual gas bottles and of course, the addition of solar panels or ground source heat pumps. Also, any alterations need to be carried out with care as not to contravene any listings or restrictions on your property or street – best to speak to your legal advisor or local authority who are there to help.

I have had the privilege to live and work in this beautiful area of the South West for the last 25 years, so know we are not (generally!) exposed to extreme temperature variations thanks to our general proximity to the coast. However, there is definitely a growing appreciation for properties in the A and B rating which will influence saleability, and potentially price as well.

It’s imperative to ensure that any changes/improvements you plan to make are discussed as to how they may facilitate a successful sale. Feel free to arrange a no-obligation visit to discuss your home’s potential in todays marketplace or Click Here to contact us now.