Which Agent Should I Choose?

This is always a combination of several factors but boils down to who has the experience and who you trust to handle the sale of your most precious asset after your family, namely your home.

1. Valuation Advice – A good agent will give advice on the potential sale price of your property and help you decide the optimum asking price, together with the best method of sale depending on your circumstances.

2. Marketing – A good agent will present your property in the best possible light on all major property portals and social media platforms to ensure the widest audience is attracted to your home. They will actively persuade suitable purchasers to view your property.

3. Negotiation – A good agent will be experienced and skilled at dealing with properties of the same type as yours to obtain the best possible price and ensure your best interests are represented at all times.

4. Attention to Detail – A good agent will properly check out your prospective buyers to ensure that they are actually in a position to proceed with the transaction and therefore ensure as smooth and stress-free sale as possible.

5. Supervision – A good agent will keep a close eye on your sale, supervise progress and help to resolve any problems that arise prior to exchange with all parties involved, including solicitors, surveyors etc.

Experience and trust – who has the most experience dealing with your type of property? Who has the most experience in your area? Who do you trust the most when you meet them? Who do you trust to give you the best service, not just to get offers for your property but to guide it through to a successful completion?

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